We want to say welcome

"What makes the Gospel offensive isn't who it keeps out, but who it lets in." Rachel Held Evans

Our Mission

To love Little Rock back to Life

So many people seem to be searching for something, something that's missing, something bigger, something beyond them, something . . . more.
We don't presume to know what others may be searching for, but we have we discovered that what we were searching for can be best summed up in one word: Life - vibrant, meaningful, improbably satisfying, real life - and it has been in Jesus that we have found this life.

Canvas Community Church is a community that lives life together, worships together, serves together, and exists together for the purpose of loving the people of Little Rock into this Life.

"Love slays what we are and makes us what we are not."

Our Staff

Rev. Carter Ferguson
Senior Pastor
Carter has been the pastor of Canvas since July 2012. He is a passionate preacher and loves to teach. He has his Bachelors in European history from the University of Arkansas, and his Masters in Divinity from Asbury Theological Seminary. He and his wife, Ann, have been married since 2013.
Rev. Paul Atkins
Associate Pastor – Deacon
Paul is Canvas’ Deacon, charged with drawing us into and keeping us accountable to engaging the world and pursuing Justice in it. Paul is a graduate of the Universities of Missouri and Arkansas, where he studied music; and he has his Masters in Theology from Memphis Theological Seminary. He is married to Julie and has one daughter, Elizabeth.



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